Questions & Answers

Q: Is My Location Within Your Delivery Area?
A: We are happy to deliver our great firewood to your place anywhere here in the Greater Kannapolis / Concord area.  If you have any questions about delivery to your specific location send us a quick text message now, and our system will provide you with the correct pricing info clarification before your order is placed.

Q: Is there any Gratuity Included in the Price?
A: Our pricing packages do not already include any gratuity, so feel free to tip your driver if they have done a great job for you in every way. Of course gratuities are completely optional.

Q: Where Does Your Firewood Come From?
A: Our firewood is responsibly sourced from trees that were harvested during land clearing operations in the Charlotte region.  After they are naturally seasoned for 12-18 months, the logs are processed into the top quality firewood that our customers expect.

Q: How Long Will it Take for My Firewood to Be Delivered?
A: When you place your order, it will be added to the next available spot in our delivery schedule, and that normally means 2 days or less. Our system will send you an SMS text message once your firewood is on the way that includes your driver’s name, vehicle description, and estimated time of arrival. We do have a Jump-The-Line upgrade that sends your firewood delivery instantly to the top of our list, and it will be included on the next truck out, and assigned the closest available driver. This option is a very expensive upgrade to your order, so it’s not recommended for everyone’s order each time.  It is mainly intended to be used occasionally for any last-minute “emergency” parties you might be having. We have a limit of only Ten(10) Jump-The-Line upgrades available each day so that our normal delivery schedule can be completed smoothly as well.

Q: Will My Firewood be Stacked?
A: If there are no stairs or inclines/declines we are happy to stack your firewood for free anywhere on your property that is on street-level in an outdoor location, within 100 feet of the road, and directly accessible by a 33″ wide wheelbarrow – either on your existing rack, or directly on the ground.  There is a $30 upcharge added to your order ($60 for our 8′ stack) if there are any elevation changes or stairs between the street level, and where your firewood is to be stacked.  There is also a $30/$60 upcharge added to your order total if your stacking location is more than 100′ from the road.  We are also able to bring you one of our quality steel 4′ firewood racks for just $120, or our 8′ firewood rack for $150.

It’s Easier than Ordering a Pizza! Our Perfectly-Seasoned Premium Firewood Delivered and Neatly Stacked for You.